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Sunday, January 3

hellooooo. izzatul here. :-)
apakan. labih.

so I heard my kawan here, Ziqah, has been blamed to be spamming Myra's blog.
I'm not sure who this Myra is, but, the point is Haziqah never spam anyone's blog, ever. so please don't just blame her tarus tarus macam urang inda bedusa. == apakan. Even though that orang pakai her name.

dear spammers, ever considered to get a life?

Saturday, January 2

I kinda have the urge to update this damn blog. Sooo, it's updated.
yay me. =.=

A special thanks to me preng, Izzatul, for changing me blogskins lawa lawa. Haha
Me lapth you. :P
Bai de wei, PLS ANUKAN MY LINK. thankth.

I'm bored, are you bored?
You are? Great. Hi-5!
Okay bye have nice day.
Tuesday, December 29

okay, seriously, Myra? you're blaming ME for spamming your blog?
WHY, MYRA. WHY? pasal aku jahat? pasal aku stupid? hah?
no, I'm not mad at you, oh no. it's just that, how can you blame ME for something I didn't do? nah, lapas ani kau ucap aku kambang for telling the truth? banar ni, seriously.

sumpah lillah demi Allah Alif-Lam-Lam-Ha
kalau aku tipu mati ku esuk masuk neraka.

nah. atu pun kau inda kan pecaya bah, tunggu tah akhirat.
Thursday, December 17

hey. there.

and here i am.

walked to the quad, no snow.

after 20 minutes in the quad, we go out to go to zara sports center. thought it was raining. i looked at my coat and Najla Bin Melha's blazer. It's white. Then i asked her,

''Hey is it snowing?''

''No it's raining.''

''Look at your blazer!and my coat!''

''SNOW'' (others)


Yeah it is! (Najla)

And then, went inside the sports center. Changing room. We're asked to go to the fitness thingy.

Zainab asked me

Zainab : Are you best friends with Najla and Al Anood and Maathir?

Me : have no idea.

Zainab : dont you wanna ask why?

Me : ok, why, zainab, why?

Zainab : Cause many people saw you guys together, and i saw you guys together too, when PE, RE, Geography, History -

Me : and technolgy and art and drama and sooo on?

Zainab : Yeah, thanks.

Me : welcome? bye?

Zainab : Bye.

Me : wait, dont you see me alone? IM NOT WITH THEM NOW!!!


Me : i dontt care

Zainab : i care.

Me : who ask?

Ruqayyah : and me too!

Me : what?

Zainab : ok, i get enough do your cardiac thingy!

then i do it.

Then have science. With Aminah Dunworth, Nisha Sadik :)

but im in a group which contains only Haziqah Iskandar, Paris Rmasden-Hunt and Mariam Rashid.

Then, we have our break.


then, we have drama.

omg see, im with them again. ==''

go to the dinner room ( refectory / canteen) with Rawya Harith Al-Busai'di.

Me : Rawrrrryawr! when's your birthday? i forgot!

Rawy : TODAY!

Me : happy birthday, bestie!

Rawy : thank you nurhaziqah. dont spread the news! el ow el.

went to the quad again, i whispered to Maathir,

Me : *today is rawy's birthday!!!!!!''

Maathir : really? HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAWYA!!!!!

Me : dont worry, i didnt spread it, el ow el.

Got assembly with The Curie-ians.

With Gaida and Maathir.

Got workshop.

With Mrs. Barker. MATHS! :(

Maths, guess what, no mrs graham, mrs white instead! ==''

then, i go down down down, outside the quad, its time to say good bye to my best friendddddd! AL-ANOOD AL AJIIII! finally told ya.

al anood, you are crying! i saw you!


Tuesday, December 15

school, quad, bell, Maths with Rawya, sit next to Rawya and mariam rashid.

bell, work shop, watch Miracle on 34th street with my bestieees, Najla, Al Anood and Maathir <3 , bell.

breaaaaaaaak, and then, bell, English with maathir, rawya and maryam salam. watched f.r.i.e.n.d.s funny and then, got lunch, im going with rawya and al anood. bell, tutor, and then, r.e doing geography, so this's the funny part, me , maathir, najla and al anood are doing other things, we write about ourself, najla wrote i am afraid of mr mohamed and maathir wrote i dont like school. and then i said, only said! not write, i said, ''al anood, i live in Halal'' and then Najla started laughing. you know, because, she said it first. soooo, bell, science. oh wait, mrs russell told us it's snowing on friday, i might be not in school. cuz i dont wanna walk from school to my house! and then, yeah, science. bell, went to the quad, and then walked outside, so, yeah, theres a tall girl, talking to me.

T.G : hey, are you new?

H.I : no im not, 1 month?

T.G : oh, but i've never seen you before! so i know, you are in year 7 cus you look like! and im in year 8 but i didnt look like, right?

H.I : yeah, i am, yeah, i tot u r in year 9 or year 10 or year 11.

T.G : i wish wish wish it wasn't snowing this friday :(

H.I : why?

T.G : its un uniform day and i wanna wear jeans and my leather jacket only

H.I : ooh, dont worry lol, bye, see ya!

T.G : bye! ;)

so, the point is, on Friday is non Uniform day and it'll be snowing. :)

so, i'll update soon.




im not lazy haha
Wednesday, December 9

im not lazy, but im just too tired to continue the last post :P

so, AL-ANOOD is leaving us! Al-Anood, baru jua skjp tani jumpa u kan move tia boringgg.

seperti biasa if saya pergi ke sekolah saya pergi ke kuat dulu dan tadi saya adalah duduk siring si al-anood dan nazlau. and then, kita mempunyai pe di the zara sport centre, yatah time aku sama si nazlau sama si anoodu sama si maathiru kan main hockey ah, aku sama si nazlau tejumpa enemy kami ani wah. yang dalam van ah. bah mana saja tah. sekali time habis pe kan kami ke changing room. eh sabar, si nazlau ah handal ya manang team nya! eseeh. haha

bah ke changing room bbehapa nah? behapa kau fikir kan? nah tau jua kau nah! sekali lambat banar wah si maathiru tukar baju ani. sekali aku tinggalkan lah dia. haha. eh kamu tau apa, aku ani bejalan wah bejalan, cam biasa lah aku bejalan ani. sekali dapanku si kiran sama si amani. sekali si kiran cakap ''let me go first! let me go first!'' den she looked back, and ya cakap ''oh its you sorry i thought you are sabba tariq'' den aku jalan lah dapan.

den aku ada english. masa di tangga aku jumpa maryamee(maryam) salam. aku ikut ia lah. si rawRyawr(rawya) al-busai'di ada appointment ah, sekali si maathiru lagi lambat tu. bahbah, and den, break, ke kuat tah ku lagi jumpa si nazlau al anoodu dan lain2 lagi.

sekali aku ada science, aku jumpa si amaninanu, hananu, jessie, paris, ayisha, zoya, siapa saja lah kau mau! and den lunch, aku makan sorang :'( hahaha. si rawryawr tu absent, jahat kau rawryawr.

den aku ke kuat balik jumpa orang arab ah. sekali lama2 dalam hatiku ''orang arab mana lagi datang ani? sekali si rawryawr wah!''

eh tekajut ku si mizan punya alarm ani eh!
updated hahaha.
Monday, December 7

hello. :)

in the mornin i woke up early just to go to school.
i met najla, annisa and this year 8 student. we're all goin to the quad.
now i remember i sit next to who. i sit next to anood.
and then me, najla, anood and maathir got tech. in the textile room.
and then me and maathir go to our english room. we're(maryam, me, rawya and maathir) acting.
then we got the break eak eak eak. then we go to humanities block. and brb.